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Poli Pokies in NZ

    Casinos have been around for many decades, and people have long since loved them. There are players around the world flogging in to try their luck against the odds in gambling.

    While offline casinos are fun and exciting, the development of online casinos has doubled the fun for gamblers worldwide.

    Online casinos are the pinnacle of comfort and fun, where you can literally play your best bets and luck in the comfort of your house without having to go out.

    There have been numerous innovations in the mode of payments, transactions, bonuses, games, and many more innovative ideas in the casino industry.

    Today, we will look into one such innovation which emerged from the land of Aussies. An Australian brain child called Poli Pokies. And now Poli Pokies is also available to the Kiwis, the players in NZ.

    If you are looking for a mode of payment, then Poli Pokie is the best and safest choice. Please read through this article to know why it is one of the best.


    There are so many pokies that accept poli payments in New Zealand, and it isn’t so easy to find the best ones. However, through reading other players reviews and a holistic approach to assessments, we have come up with three top-notch poli pokies.

    Here are the three Poli pokies we will learn more about today in no particular order: Zoome, Wild Tokyo, and My Empire.


    Most favored by the players because of the range of varieties in the kind of games Zoome offers to its players. Pokies such as STICKY BOMBS, FORGE OF GEMS, NITROPOLIS 3, VIKINGS GO TO VALHALLA, among many other fun and thrilling pokies, are the popular options Zoome offers.


    • Games selection
    • Bonuses and rewards


    • The minimal withdrawal is high

    My Empire

    My Empire makes your pokies experience on top of the game. It offers you big bonuses, from weekend bonuses to weekly deposit bonuses. My Empire is sure to satisfy your casino cravings to the fullest.


    • Cashback service
    • Weekly bonuses


    • Slow withdrawal
    • Low limits on withdrawals

    Wild Tokyo

    The most thrilling thing about choosing Wild Tokyo as your online casino is that they add new games every now and then. Their most famous slots, like Rise and Dead, Wolf Gold, Money Train have made thousands of gamers hooked on Wild Tokyo gambling house.


    • 3000+ game selections
    • Secured service for gaming
    • Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are also accepted as MOP.


    • insufficient loyalty information.

    Understanding Poli Pokies better

    Founded in the year 2016, Poli has been making a mark in Australia. Poli is an online mode of payment for online casinos. Thanks to the Aussies, the Kiwis can now use Poli for online casino payments. Poli pokies is not only hassle free, but it is a quick payment for the users.

    Players in NZ can transact and make payments using the Poli Pokies, which provides a proxy server that allows users to directly link it with the New Zealand bank account.

    Note: The NZ banks affiliated with Polie Pokies:

    • TSB bank
    • Westpac
    • Bank of New Zealand
    • Kiwibank

    How to use Poli Pokies for online NZ casinos

    Here in this section, let us look into a few of the simple steps to learn how to use Poli payment for depositing payments.

    • Step 1: Identifying the online casinos where this mode of payment is accepted. You can find it out on their websites and customer care services.
    • Step 2: Once you find out the right casinos accepting Poli payments, you can go to the cashier and choose Poli mode of payment, and link with your respective bank on the list.
    • Step 3: On selecting your bank, you can now log in by using your online banking details.
    • Step 4: Payment confirmation will be followed, and within a few minutes, the fund will be added to your casino account. 
    • Step 5: You can now choose and play any game you want to play.

    Follow these simple guidelines on how to use one of the safest modes of payment and get the best experience of playing in your choice casinos.

    Why is Poli popular in New Zealand?

    How you make payments in online casinos is one of the most important things that allows you to decide whether to choose that particular casino for a thrilling gaming experience or not.

    Thus, payments are one of the most vital parts of online casinos.

    With regard to that, Poli is here to make your mode of payment hassle free and easy. Poli offers a new method to make payments, which benefits both the players and also the service provider. 

    We say this because Poli is the third party registered as an e-wallet. Poli allows its users to make payments directly from the site of their respective merchants just by using their online net banking details.

    Therefore, the convenience of making deposits for payment makes Poli different from other online casino payments.

    No wonder the Poli is becoming very popular among the players where Poli payment is accepted.

    How are Poli Pokies rated?

    For players to be able to make the right decisions while having to pick good pokies accepting Poli payments, here are some ways to review and decide your choice of poli pokies:

    • Game selections: Make sure to check the range of games they offer. You need to be able to find your preferences before making your choice.
    • Security: Make sure to check if the casinos accepting Poli have all the security technology to keep your personal details secure. Security of personal data is the key to good poli pokies.
    • Customer service: A good customer service helpline is very important to good poli pokies. Make sure that the customer service is always there and always near whenever a slight inconvenience takes place.
    • Reputation of the casino: Reading reviews and rankings based on the testimonies of other players will make it easy for you to pick the good poli pokies.
    • Bonus and Offer: For an exciting and thrilling casino experience, make sure to check the kinds of rewards or loyalty programs that are being offered while you use Poli payment.  

    How secure is Poli?

    Since you can directly pay using your banking account, no other financial accounts are connected or need to be registered for Poli. So, all your personal credentials are not required here, and this makes it safe and secure. Cyber mishaps like ID theft or fraud are not risk factors while using Poli Pokies.

    Poli has a feature called Poli ID, where users can make payments using their personal Poli ID directly without having to add their bank account details every time they have to make payments in online casinos. Thus resulting in a better, faster, and convenient payment.


    So, as you have made it this far in the article, there is no denying that you are well aware of Poli Pokies and all the necessary details you need to know about it.

    Isn’t Poli Pokies the epitome of perfection? What are you waiting for?

    With all these details, go ahead and choose your favorite Poli Pokies and enjoy a thrilling experience like never before.

    Poli Pokies are here to keep you hooked to fun and bonanzas with bonuses and loyalty programs.

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