Tiny House Seeking Land in Auckland!

Tiny house on wheels, Earnie, is seeking land to call home in Central / West Auckland. 

About Earnie:

Earnie is a DIY build measuring 7.2m long plus towbar, 2.5m wide, 4.25m tall. The space will need to be big enough to maneuver Earnie into position, and the site will need to be moderately flat.

Earnie is capable of off-grid and on-grid, and all grey water will be filtered through a grey water garden. There will  need to be space for the grey water system, compost bin, and a veggie garden and small shed would also be ideal.  

About the occupants:

Amanda and Tom set up and run the Auckland Library of Tools in Kingsland. Both are currently working from home primarily, and can keep your pets company as well as providing extra security.

Riley is a quiet and fluffy 13 year old cat. He is good with other animals and mostly wants to be left alone to sleep in the sun. 

All would love to remain in Central Auckland or move to West Auckland. The tiny house is currently residing in One Tree Hill, (pictured above) and previously was in Onehunga (pictured below).

Please get in touch here or email amandawastefree@gmail.com to discuss.