Plastic Free July Update

We have now passed the halfway mark of Plastic Free July! I have been thoroughly enjoying finding alternatives and seeing how little waste I have been producing, most days I don’t put anything in the bin and my flatmates have been very aware of their rubbish too. Here is our rubbish for the past 2 weeks:  Mine & my BF’s rubbish bin halfway through Plastic Free July. The contents of our rubbish bin:  Daily contact lenses, the plastic cases are in a container and will be recycled The seals from the contact lenses The actual used contact lenses The packet from dried yeast used to make pizza dough,  2 Minties wrappers which were purchased beforehand 2 plastic tags from veges A plastic seal from a small glass bottle A (cut open) tube of Lucas Paw Paw Ointment which I have been using for the past 2 years  A pill packet […]

Howick Markets and Bin Inn

Some of the goodies from our day in Howick: Left to Right: In the brown paper bags kitty litter and flour, brew kits, baguette, almonds, falafel and dolmah in the container, op shop jar, vinegar, chickpeas, soap, peanut butter and honey.  On Saturday the BF & I went to Howick Village Markets- what a lovely little market this is! They had fresh produce and vegetable plants and seedlings, honey, bakeries, soaps and crafts. I bought some bread which they packaged in a paper bag (but I have since sewn my own cloth bag out of an old pillow case) and some falafel and dolmah which the seller happily put in my container.    Bin Inn was fantastic! It stocks plenty of legumes, baking ingredients, spices, lollies, pet food, and laundry and cleaning products- all in bulk! We also got some (beer) brew kits- alas they have a plastic lid though. […]

What Have I Changed to go Waste Free?

  What have I changed to go waste free?  As I mentioned in the last post I was already using reusable bottles, bags, containers etc. I have an Eco Mailbox sticker for our letterbox, no more pesky junky mail- which was a large amount of our recycling each week. I also shopped predominately second hand, cooked vegetarian every night and composted. We were already living a fairly sustainable lifestyle, yet I found we still had to make some changes to make. Kitchen: We now buy in bulk using mesh produce bags. Unfortunately the bags I ordered online came with way too much packaging, I intend on sewing more using my flatmate’s sewing machine (first I need to work on my sewing skills).  I make veggie stock out of veggie scraps and then compost the spent scraps.  I started fermenting in June- I make Kombucha and use any seasonal fruit or fruit that […]

And so it begins… Plastic Free July

I have been reading about going plastic free/zero waste for a few months now, and Plastic Free July was my push to do it. As someone who considered herself to be very environmentally aware and friendly, I quickly realised I still had a long way to go! I already had a Keep Cup (not that I buy takeaway coffee, although I still use it daily), reusable shopping bags, reusable BPA free drink bottle and etc, but there was still plastic entering my household- mainly in the form of packaging. Firstly let me clarify, I live with 5 other people- my partner and 2 couples, and occasional house guests, and not everyone is on board (yet!) so there are a few things I cannot control. We all shop and cook in our own couples, so there is always something happening in our kitchen. I am now trying to lead by example- and […]