The Community Fridge: 1 Year On

It’s been a year since the Community Fridge first opened!!! Wow I could never have imagined what would happened after launching the Community Fridge. It was initially just a 3 and a half week trial, and now here we are!   If you aren’t familiar with the Community Fridge here are my previous blog posts:  Love Food Hate Waste Project: The Community Fridge Community Fridge Update And here’s a short video from launch day explaining the fridge:  The fridge was set up with funding I received through Auckland Council’s Love Food Hate Waste fund. With the help of the team at Love Food Hate Waste and Auckland Council staff it took about 6 weeks of secretive planning to establish the fridge. The fridge was donated by Resource Rescue after being recovered from the inorganic (hard rubbish) collection and fixed up. The fridge was received with major success and covered on a […]

Urban Food Foraging

The other day I had the boring task of waiting for an hour and a half for a chip in my windscreen to be fixed. The location of the chip repair place was an industrial part of Auckland. Being a sunny day I didn’t fancy sitting in the shop’s waiting room feeling impatient and distracted, so I went to check out the park across the road. Hamlin’s Hill Mutukaroa is a regional park, and a very unsuspecting one at that. Hamlins Hill has to be one of the smallest of Auckland’s Regional Park’s, as it is nestled between the industrial main road of Great South Road and the motorway. Honestly I had pretty low expectations. Within a minute of having walked through the farm gate of the park I was blown away by how quiet it was. Hamlins Hill is a small urban farm, complete with cows and sections of […]

The Tiny House Plan

Since sharing my intention to build a tiny house on wheels, I got a lot of questions. So I’m finally going to start answering them, beginning with my design and plans! I designed the plans over several months with the help of my ex partner, Callan. Callan originally hand drew the plans based on a crude sketch of mine. He was able to draw up the plans to scale using Auto-CAD (Computer Aided Design), which he has experience using from work. Once we had ordered the trailer he was able to correct the plans based on the trailer design, so there were some minor changes. I complained CAD was too technical for me, so he also drew the plans in Sketch Up (a free 3D design tool). It was easy to import the 2D plans from CAD into Sketch Up and build upon them in 3D, meaning the 3D model was […]

Quick Weekend Tramping: Te Rereatukahia Track

Kia ora, I wanted to share with you all the easiest yet rewarding tramping trip I did the other month. My friends and I are getting to a point where we have done most of the short overnight tramps within a reasonable driving distance from Auckland. When I found the Te Rereatukahia Loop Track on the DOC website I thought we were scraping the bottom of the barrel. The DOC website track description states: “Grass clearings and an old fence are a legacy of days gone by when this section was highly modified by burning and farming.” Grass clearings and an old fence? That doesn’t sound like exciting scenery… Yet I can assure you that the scenery way outdid that description. We went on this tramp with no expectations at all, but was blown away by the track and views. Located in the Kaimai Mamuku Forest Park (Bay of Plenty), […]

I’m Going Tiny!

Kia Ora, I have exciting news! Some of you observant friends and followers may have already noticed what I’m planning, especially as I keep sharing posts like these… I just wanted to let you all know that I’m going to be super busy over the next few months. I’m currently working fulltime for the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand’s election campaign, and as this is something I’m passionate about, I am putting a lot of my energy in to it. The second reason I’ll be super busy is…  I’m building a tiny house! I’ll try my best to post regular updates on the build process as well as the usual waste related blogs. What is a tiny house? If you aren’t familiar with tiny houses, they are small houses that are (usually) on a trailer, called a Tiny House On Wheels (THOW). The tiny house movement is very popular in the […]

Waste Free Bathroom & Grooming

Hi all and welcome to my new website! In time for my 2 year blogiversary (!) I’ve been busy updating my blog. I noticed that I was lacking some very basic blog posts about simple waste free alternatives. Seeing as it’s Plastic Free July and I have a bathroom essential giveaway lined up, what better time than to write about my zero waste bathroom. I live in a shared flat and am very fortunate that my partner and I have our own bathroom. As such my bathroom is an area that I have full control over the products used. When I first made the zero waste switch I immediately noticed how much excess plastic quickly entered the bathroom. It’s taken me a while to get my bathroom waste free as I used up everything I already had. I still have a few products that are packaged, and a first aid […]

Lessons From Landfill

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity of working at a landfill carrying out a waste audit. The waste audits are done 6 monthly as requested by the landfill company. The audit was over 6 long, smelly yet enjoyable days. The consultant I was working with shared their in-depth understanding of the waste industry, having been involved for some two decades. The other workers also had interesting stories about waste to share, many of them having done these audits before, or having dumpster dived. The waste audit involved sorting approx. 200kg loads of rubbish that had just been delivered to the tip face. Materials were sorted in to categories, i.e. steel, textiles, green waste, timber, food waste, sanitary, paper, rubble, plastic, glass etc. We sorted over 60 loads of waste in total, which made for an impressive trash mountain at the end. The waste was coming from transfer stations […]

Waste Free in the South Island Part 2: The Road trip

  Hello, here’s another delayed post for you! I took a bit of time off blogging last month as I went to Australia to spend time with my family. Since I’ve been back I haven’t blogged much as I’ve been up to heaps of awesome stuff. I’ve given a few presentations, workshops and even a university lecture. I am so grateful for all of the amazing opportunities I’ve had this year, and the trips away I’ve been able to take. The downside of traveling lots is my environmental footprint; driving and catching planes emit greenhouse gases. So I have a lot of carbon offsetting to do! I actually realised as I was flying back to NZ from Melbourne that I have flown approx. 50 times in my life. Which is crazy considering I’m not that well-traveled and in my mid-20s. I guess that’s a given when you’re half Australian and […]

Antara Yoga Retreat

  A couple of weekends ago I went on a yoga retreat, at the wonderful Antara Retreat just out of Wellsford. I wrote a rave review on Instagram and decided I would write a short blog post as I had so many questions and wanted to pass on this information to anyone interested. I never planned to write a blog post about the retreat so I don’t have many photos, only of the property.   The philosophy of Antara is that of gifting what you can, and not expecting anything in return.   The retreat is aimed at people aged 16-35, however is open to those outside of this bracket (with preference given to 16-35 year olds who have not visited before). The retreat is intended to be a place where people can disconnect from their busy lives by reconnecting with nature and refocusing their energy on what is important […]

Waste Free in the South Island Part 1: The 6 Day Tramp

Matukituki River Hello all! You may have noticed I have been majorly absent from my blog since the launch of the Community Fridge. I have been keeping busy with the community fridge, answering inquiries, working, the usual life stuff, and trying to throw in a good work/life balance by taking lots of mini holidays. So far this year I have been camping in the far North (Tapotupotu near Cape Reinga), WWOOFing in Raglan, tramping and road tripping the South Island, volunteering at WOMAD (New Plymouth) and WWOOFing on Waiheke Island. I have a few more breaks booked in, including a yoga retreat this weekend and a trip to Australia to visit my family. If you want to follow along with my adventures, I tend to keep my Instagram fairly up to date. Earlier this year I went to the South Island for a wee tramping/exploring holiday with my friends. I […]