Rubbish Update: November 2015

It has been a while since I did my Plastic Free July rubbish update, so I thought I should check where things are at. I’ve been collecting all of our rubbish and recycling for the month of November. Not collected were our food scraps- which get composted, and paper waste, which is either composted or recycled. We did not have any metal waste for the month, except for bits of swarf which occasionally comes home in the BF’s clothes.


  • Hard Plastics: 1 milk bottle, 2 small sauce containers from our takeaway which I will reuse before recycling and the case from the cat’s flea treatment (not shown).
  • Soft Plastics: 2 toilet paper wrappers (I have recently read that the Earthcare wrappers can be composted), 1 plastic wrap from the Auckland Uni Alumni magazine, a whole lot of packaging from an online purchase on Mighty Ape (new bamboo chopping board and stainless steel straws), I was not impressed!


In total there was 18 grams of rubbish destined for landfill. Most of it came from individually packaged food items that I couldn’t resist, or that the BF uses for brewing. The rest is miscellaneous items such as a broken rubber band, clear windows from envelopes, a bandage, flea/worm treatment for Riley and stickers from produce. Not shown/weighed is a styrofoam cup that I got a concert, I didn’t have a water bottle or cup on me as I went without a bag. Next time I will take one of my new stainless steel cups, or a reusable bottle.
The last rubbish update I mentioned the BF’s contact lenses as a main source, he hasn’t been wearing them lately as he ran out. He’s back to glasses for the meantime.

Extra rubbish from our pre-zero waste transition:

These are rubbish items that came from prior to my pre-zero waste lifestyle. I am still using some things up in my transition. Not shown is a plastic salt container and vanilla essence bottle which were recycled.
December should be interesting, as it’s holiday season and we plan on camping and tramping quite a bit. I will endeavor to collect all of our rubbish for the month and do another audit.

Update: I now know that chocolate wrappers can be recycled in the soft plastic recycling scheme. Also I have trialed composting the Earthcare plastic toilet paper wrappers and they definitely can’t be composted.




  1. Ariana | Paris To Go   •  

    It's awesome that you're chronicling this. You will be so amazed when you look back on how much it's reduced, it's a wonderful sense of accomplishment!

  2. Amanda Chapman   •  

    Thanks Ariana! I wish I had of taken note of what I had prior to the switch! I still get a rough idea though as I am slowly transitioning. At the start of next year I am hoping to be able to keep all my landfill rubbish, hoping that I won't have that much. Fingers crossed 🙂

  3. Heidi   •  

    Amanda – this is very inspiring thank you for sharing! Your detail and honesty is admirable. I have a lot to learn on this subject too. It seems all my visitors and the BF bring in more plastic and packaging than I can battle alone!! Each step at a time I guess. I'll have fun following your progress!

  4. Amanda Chapman   •  

    Thanks Heidi! I know what you mean, I figured I'd go all out and make sure everyone is aware of my lifestyle so they don't accidentally bring in over packaged items to my house 😉 I'd love to one day not have a bin and then I can say "Sorry we don't have a rubbish bin!" But baby steps of course

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