Plastic Free July Wrap Up

 Plastic Free July is over. So how did we do?

33 grams of rubbish from the month of July. 
The BF’s daily contact lens cases
Total rubbish sent to landfill: 33 grams.
Recycling: 8 items &  approx. 40 contact lens cases. 
I posted at the halfway mark what was in our bin & what we sent to recycling, there actually wasn’t that much more after that. We used up a plastic bottle of peanut oil and the plastic wrap from our Earthcare toilet paper and that was it! I have since been informed by several sources that I can purchase Greencane & Safe toilet paper which are plastic & tree free at the local organic store. Not included was a plastic bag that I desperately tried to refuse at the night market, I frantically called out to the vendor to not worry about the bag as I had a cloth napkin, but alas it was too late, she then took the my container out of the bag and put the plastic bag in the rubbish! I was pretty upset and there were a bunch of people staring at me, but honestly I didn’t care because that plastic bag meant a lot to me and obviously I have gone a bit crazy.
How are we doing post Plastic Free July?
I will admit that we have been a little bit naughty, at the end of the month we purchased a block of (plastic wrapped) hard cheese, and a bag of corn chips (also plastic packaging). Nachos are my favourite meal and I thought I deserved a reward! I also devoured a pack of biscuits (plastic tray & plastic wrapped) which was given to me during July- that is some epic self-control on my part, I am a massive chocolate fiend. Otherwise I am still actively avoiding any unnecessary plastic that I can! I will also look in to collecting all of our household’s soft plastics for recycling, I know the Ecomatters Environment Trust based in New Lynn accepts them. I don’t intend on purchasing anymore soft plastics, but there are still some already in our house and I am only 1 of 6 occupants of my household, so we are bound to accumulate more (I can only nag so much).

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